The University of Salford have been taking steps to become one of the first transgender-friendly universities in England.

They currently offer student-led support to help guide and advise students who are transgender or non-binary. The idea is to make students at Salford more comfortable and at ease with their transitions and to ensure their life at university is smooth and safe.

“As a Students’ Union, we are an inclusive organisation and we want all our students to be able to study and socialise in an environment in which they feel safe and comfortable. We are excited that the University and Students’ Union is working towards being a Transgender Friendly University Campus.”

Ceewhy Ochoga (President of the University of Salford Student Union)


A big step that the university have taken in order to become more transgender friendly is the introduction of gender-neutral toilets. These toilets will help transgender people at the uni to feel much more comfortable and possibly safe when wanting to simply go to the bathroom.  They also plan to introduce more gender-neutral toilets in the Student Union.

Some of the disabled bathrooms in the Union are to become gender-neutral bathrooms whilst still keeping the gendered toilets available.

Another way in which the University of Salford are supporting transgender students is by making the process of changing names/ genders on student ID cards and registers for classes much easier.

The sole point of contact for students in the process of gender reassignment is Arron Pile who works offers student support askUS in the student union. He offers support to students as well as making processes such as adapting names/ genders much easier and more simple for the student.

Here, Arron Pile (support worker at askUS, Salford Student Union) talks about the support and help offered to transgender students.


It is important that everyone feels safe and comfortable in their own environment and that is why the work of Salford University to become more transgender-friendly is so important.

Below is a link to some statistics about students going through gender reassignment and the emotional impact it has on students.


Although Salford are beginning the process to become much more transgender friendly, there are many organisations and fundraisers around Manchester who are currently supportive and create communities where transgender people feel safe and comfortable.

The national charity Sparkle, help support transgender people. Each year they celebrate the Transgender Day of Remembrance by paying tribute to their fallen brothers and sisters. The uni of Salford have previously been involved with this day of remembrance and actually have a tribute tree and plaque situated on campus.

Charities around Manchester, such as Sparkle, hold many fundraising and awareness events throughout the year.

If you want to find out more about this subject or are interested in getting further support, check out this map below of places who offer help in and around Manchester.




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